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⬇️ 2020 Junior & Youth Programs/Classes ⬇️

Join us on our mission to help local youth discover their mental, emotional and physical strength through our coached junior and youth programs that increase their awareness, sense of self and understanding of what they truly are capable of. It starts at home!

Junior Oly Weightlifting

Tues/Thurs :  7:30 PM
Jan 7 to April 2, 2020
Ages 11 – 18

This 3 month team training program focuses on Olympic Weightlifting and all the amazing auxiliary lifts that go along with Olympic Weightlifting.
– – –
Looking for more explosiveness? speed? power? flexibility?
Olympic weightlifting is ideal for basketball, hockey, rugby, volleyball, and almost any other sport and game.
The leading sports authorities, including the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) report that Olympic lifting is not only safe for children, but recommend it to help prevent injuries and increase bone density.
– – –
This program is supported by Canadian Tire Jumpstart funding. Ask us for an application to fill out to start the process.

KidFit Foundation Class

Wed : 5:00 PM
6 Week Blocks
Ages 7 – 11

Block #1: Jan 8 to Feb 12, 2020
Block #2:  Feb 26 to Apr 1, 2020

Youth classes building foundational fitness skills, balance, core and agility setting your child up for physical and general success in life.

The skills learned here will transition perfectly to any of our in house Junior programs or, better yet, to almost any athletic or physical endeavor your child takes on as they mature and grow into young adults.

Help set them up for success today with a solid foundation of movement and comfort in a gym environment.

Tues/Thurs : 4:15 PM
6 week blocks
Ages 11 – 18

Block #1: Jan 7 to Feb 13, 2020
Block #2:  Feb 25 to Apr 9, 2020

This program is focused on introducing the weight room, teaching the basic lifts and tools for each lift. Squat, bench, dead-lift and all the complimentary movements that go along with this.

We will touch on foundations, proper technique, positioning, form and all the things that build a solid foundation to a lifetime of strength. We will also introduce the Olympic lifts by way of dumbbell friendly movements.

Opportunity to consider trying a Junior Power-lifter role at The Hub Power, power-lifting meet in May is available, but not enforced at all.


“Super friendly environment. The strong sense of community really makes one eager to go to the next training session! 😀”


High Praise

“The gym is amazing.  It’s easy to get around for all kinds of workouts, play your own music, and the members are friendly. I love that I see both men AND women at the gym, and ALL have been so nice. My high level of comfort at the gym has been helped by having been taught how to use the equipment properly through the many classes that I attend.”


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