The Hub Performance Training aims to take fitness to another level by introducing athlete proven methods to the general population. Methods that get you strong, fast, lean and closer to any goal.

Olympic Weight-lifting team training, Powerlifting teams, Silver Strong group fitness classes, Personal training, small group training and so many more ways to challenge your whole body every time you walk through the doors.

Our fitness facility is focused building community while  training the body, mind and character of each client to the ULTIMATE level of fitness through the proven strength of a TEAM around you with certified coaches and fellow gym-goers all standing in your corner.

Meet our Coaches


Mary Donnachie

Mary is the fearless leader of the Silver Strong class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 2PM and a very talented personal trainer. With experience in kickboxing, training history with Foxy Boxing in Calgary, Precision Nutrition certification along with a handful of more certifications to back her up, this lady is a surefire leader to your physical success.

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Lisa Szabon-Smith

Lisa is the owner and head coach of The Hub PT Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting teams. She also heads up the personal training, small group training and the Top Athlete Conditioning programs. 
Lisa’s athletic history runs deep that has her on a mission to help set solid foundations, build strength and always see her clients seeking new goals.


Jennifer is our Olympic lifting original, no seriously, she was our very first Olympic lifter here at The Hub and that passion she found for the sport led to obtaining her NCCP Level 1 Competition Weightlifting certification AND the coveted CSCS certification. A brilliant mind, and teacher on off days, Jen is our assistant Oly coach, athlete and possibly greatest supporter. Read more…


Wade Edwards

Wade holds an intense passion for Powerlifitng and is our assistant coach to the Powerlifting team. 
When Wade isn’t in the gym he’s busy putting out fires and rescuing kittens with the Calgary and High River Fire Departments. 


Stacie Willoughby

Stacie is our Boot Camp Light Class extraordinaire at the Hub. She is passionate about helping others and creating a fun and inclusive environment where everyone can get a great workout, have some laughs, and relieve a little stress.


Val is our Daily WOD coach, KidFit instructor and in-house personal trainer. When she’s not coaching she is training as one of our Olympic weightlifting athletes and being an amazing mom to her 2 boys. Val is also a Kinesiology graduate from Sherbrooke University in Quebec. Read more…

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