Movement Prep #5 : Roll Out

When in Doubt, Roll Out.
We can special order Travel Rollers for you (need a minimum of 6 orders) OR you can find them at various chiropractic/massage clinics or sports stores.
* Fun Fact * The Travel Roller was dreamed up, developed and marketed by a Canadian Bobsleigh Athlete.


BUILD : Diversity

These days we talk about #diversity from a social stance. At one point it was from a financial stance. #Physically it should be discussed from a muscular, ability and balance point of view.
Diversity is more than accepting and embracing what’s different, it’s the building of strength from all angles. Trying new things, seeing movements, breath and strength from different views.
Diversity is what makes really great humans. It’s the skill that allows us to respond positively to any situation, teaches us to give pause before reaction and an open mind to see things in a different light.
This skill also makes for some really amazing athletes.
Think about that kid that can play any position… yeah, be that kid.

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Settle in.

As we sit at the weigh ins for the Farmstrong Alberta Weightlifting Association Olympic Weightlifting competition I’m reminded of the need to settle in.

Settle into the waiting. The nerves. The anxiety. The excitement.

Settle into what’s new. Each competition is new. Settle into what’s old hat and settle into all the moments in between.

This applies to life as well. 

So much comes our way in day to day but if we learn to relax and settle into those waves then we learn to flow. We understand flexibility and we know that nothing is fixed in position.

Settle in. Relax. Breathe. Watch the environment and know that when you are required to respond, you will be ready. 

For now, settle in. You be got this.