MOVING DAY: no, not a new space, just a new layout

MOVING DAY: no, not a new space, just a new layout

After removing the dividing wall (do you even REMEMBER the dividing wall???) it’s become quite clear that the current layout of the gym is not the best.

This Saturday, February 16th we will be closing the gym to move all the things, get a better flow and hopefully create more space in our over 3000 square feet of space. We’ve chosen this route rather than moving to a larger space in High River in order to ensure we don’t fall into the trap of “too big, too soon” and to first maximize what we’ve got.

After-all, that’s what life and your level of fitness is all about too… Making the absolute best of what you’ve got.

If you’d like to join us, come at 10am for when the “games begin”, we will provide lunch. You just bring your muscles.

For our patrons, we apologize for getting in the way of your Saturday workout, hopefully you’ll see the benefit once it’s all said and done.

WE, can not wait to see the massive change this will make.

(proposed layout, subject to change on the day)

In the community : Teaching our Youth

Today Coach Jen introduced the Olympic Weightlifting lift the Snatch to groups of students in Grades 4-8 as part of a community Strength Summit!

These kids are so excited and are loving learning a new skill!

By the end of the day Jen will have shared Olympic lifting with about 150 students!

Thank goodness she had Powerlifting teammate @sunshineskis there helping her! Coach Lisa introduced the Clean and Jerk the next day.

A big Thank you to the Connect Charter School for inviting us!

If you’d like Olympic Weightlifting demos brought to your school reach out to us and we will see what we can do. A Travelling Weightlifting Road show will be fun! Email

Such a great sport for all ages to share with everyone.

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BUILD : Diversity

These days we talk about #diversity from a social stance. At one point it was from a financial stance. #Physically it should be discussed from a muscular, ability and balance point of view.
Diversity is more than accepting and embracing what’s different, it’s the building of strength from all angles. Trying new things, seeing movements, breath and strength from different views.
Diversity is what makes really great humans. It’s the skill that allows us to respond positively to any situation, teaches us to give pause before reaction and an open mind to see things in a different light.
This skill also makes for some really amazing athletes.
Think about that kid that can play any position… yeah, be that kid.

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