I was doing valuable research time wasting on Facebook yesterday afternoon and this CBC post showed up on my feed. It’s incredible and WORTH every minute of watching.

My thoughts... (Coach Lisa)

This video is amazing! Absolutely amazing.
Showcasing all of the incredible women in the world of sports, heck more importantly showcasing all the amazing different sports out there, and then showcasing just how decorated our Canadian females are. How beautiful we are! 
I mean c’mon, if you didn’t think “Man, she is stunning” when you saw any one of those women beaming with pride, happiness and even heartbreak. How beautiful is a woman who can hold her head up high, stand in grace and confidence regardless the outcome. How strong is a female that can smile through all the pain, all the frustration and all the moments of let down knowing, just knowing that the day of absolute triumph is coming, it is coming.

Isn’t that what we are taught to seek? To be? To embody? After-all, it’s been a message for a very long time to our young women.

For me, that’s a message I still get to this day from some outside sources. Certainly sometimes from inside sources too BUT I think, to me, what my passions are, what knowledge can be passed on to those I connect with as a coach, and everything else that’s learned in between the highs and the lows… It truly is something of beauty, grace, pride and dignity. What we learn when we are practicing, training and working on our physical skills is certainly a thing of beauty. The consistency to show up every day, even when we have bad days, bad weeks, heck even bad months.

Sport teaches so much.
It teaches poise, resilience, perseverance, dedication, commitment, self awareness, healthy internal monologue, positive self talk, how to embrace the thing we fear, the thing that makes us uncomfortable. It teaches us how to navigate the muddy waters of life, how to talk to a variety of people, how to see humour in situations, how to breathe. Yup, how to breathe. How to stop, pause, take it in, reset the heart, slow the mind, breathe and then GO!
Sport teaches us hard work. We learn that without effort, nothing worth having comes. We understand what the reality of adulthood is… it’s hard work, it’s following through and it’s integrity. It’s being okay with sitting, resting and residing in the uncomfortable.

So today, on International Womens Day, and every single damn day of every single year, celebrate. Celebrate the beauty of a face scrunched up in maximal effort to lift the heaviest of weights. Applaud the beads of sweat running down the face, arms and legs of the marathon runner that just won’t stop, despite loss of feeling to their toes. Cheer for the young girl making haphazard axles and double flips on the ground, running shoes on, dreaming of an Olympic showcase. Jump for joy with the volleyball player hitting kill after kill, with grunt after grunt. Urge and encourage the small but mighty girl with an appetite for moving quickly, lifting heavy things and eating double servings of dinner.
All shapes. All sizes. All ages. ALL ABILITIES. Celebrate.
Encourage and introduce to as many opportunities, moments and experiences as possible so they too can one day be highlighted on a CBC Montage with a famous Pop Singer, singing what has now become the 2019 Female Anthem of Canadian Girls, or at least, it should be. 😉