Perseverance is, in short, the ability to push through, to keep going and to take on any challenge that comes your way. Perseverance is a character trait we celebrate.

Perseverance is a skill we all wish we had a little bit more of. Especially, when we don’t get to choose the challenge that comes our way.

Meet Stacy

Stacy came to The Hub when his chosen gym was closing and his acupuncture/self-care practitioner referred him to us.

In 2014 Stacy survived a horrific motorcycle crash that forever altered his life.
The crash chose all his challenges for him.

To Stacy, while the crash changed the way he lives, it has also taught him perspective. It brought him faith and showed him how to see each and every day as a blessing.

For us at The Hub, Stacy has taught us so much.

Stacy has taught us what consistent effort can do. What showing up for each session, ready to take on any challenge can positively change a person and how we can all keep going, keep doing and keep trying – no matter the barrier. He’s taught us true perseverance.

For Coach Lisa, Stacy has brought a brand new perspective to the common movements and working to make them possible for Stacy to do. He has challenged Lisa to not protect him but to project Stacy’s goals outwardly to him so that he has greater drive to conquering those goals.

The video below showcases just ONE of the movements that Stacy is absolutely focused on being able to do, unassisted or at the very least with creative ingenuity, should he ever fall in the fields or in the yard of his family farm. That’s right, Stacy still farms. His right arm is fixed at the elbow and his right side is, a bit lagging/mixed up, in how the neurons fire. This video shows Stacy getting up from lying down with a short wooden dowel. No big deal. Just another day in the office for this guy.

A side note: when we first challenged Stacy with this movement it took about 10 minutes to get up once, and that was it, energy was spent.

He was making it way too easy, knocking out 8 get ups in less than 10 minutes. So Lisa changed the assistance, and like a pro, he got up with the flexible PVC dowel in this video. No doubt, next time, he won’t hesitate at all on this movement.

Stacy, we are so very proud of you and so thankful for all you teach us each time you walk through our doors. We cannot wait to watch you kick butt in the next challenge that comes your way.

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