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Boot Camp Light

Back from summer holidays and ready to kick the school year off right?

This is a great place to start!

These classes will rev you up and get you back on track. Bootcamp Light is a HIIT program that will be a fun mix of cardio, body weight/lighter weight strength training, functional movement, and core strengthening.

Limited space available.

Led by coach Stacie Willoughby.

I was someone who had not exercised much before in life... walking the dog was about it. Stacie helped me overcome any fears of going to the gym, and substantially built my confidence in this area. She pushes me to do my best and achieve new goals!
"Working out with Stacie is the highlight of my week. Stacie is kind, enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about all things fitness. She is completely in tune with everyone's goals, and pushes everyone to meet and exceed them! She is very creative in her classes, making them fun and challenging at the same time, for any fitness level. No two classes are ever the same - you may cringe a little when she's punishing herself for eating sweets but that's when we call her names! Seriously, you will love this class, look forward to it and be motivated to come every week"
Stacie’s class has been transformational for my overall health and wellness. The amount of muscle, strength and overall heart health I’ve built has improved my life immensely. Greater endurance, stress management, zero joint pain and vastly improved muscle training are just some of the benefits now that I’m attending bootcamp. Now I can’t go without it!
"I've been working out with Stacie for over 12 years now. What's great about her classes.camps is that they provide a full body workout which includes cardio. She changes up her workouts regularly so muscle memory doesn't set in. If you're looking for a challenge while having fun, Stacie is your gal - she won't disappoint."