Join Coach Sarah in this Semi-Private Training session (no more than 6 ppl per session) as she runs you through the Daily W.O.D. to help you get to your ultimate goal.

EXPLOSIVE movements done RIGHT.

This Olympic-Lifting Focused Class is an absolute GIFT to all of us, who’d like to see improvements in the Challenging and Oh-So-Technical ‘Snatch’ and ‘Clean & Jerk.’

Dial in your form, and become more successful in WOD’s that include these tough lifts!

Pick it Up. Put it Down. YASSSSSSSSS. 

A class to compliment the Daily WOD, with a strength focus and strategic programming to help you make your gains and improve your lifting form. Emphasis on Bench, Squats, and Deadlifts, and the necessary accessory movements and drills to succeed in these movements.

Need a Rest? Recovery? Been working too hard in the Daily W.O.D.?

Mobility refers to how well you can move through a range of motion without putting stress on your body. Mobility is important for your WOD success and your overall quality of life. We’re not talking about 5-10 minutes to stretch and warm-up pre/post class, we’re talking working through sticking points, and increasing your joints’ range of motion and your control in movements.

Spend 45 minutes a week with Lisa and you’ll thank yourself (and her!) ten times over.