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3 Month Junior Olympic weightlifting program

September 10 to December 19

Want more explosiveness? speed? power? flexibility?

🏋️‍♀️ Olympic weightlifting is ideal for basketball, hockey, rugby, volleyball, and almost any other sport and game.

The leading sports authorities, including the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) report that Olympic lifting is not only safe for children, but recommend it to help prevent injuries and increase bone density.🏋️‍♂️
Ages 11 to 18

KidFit Classes

Monthly fitness classes for Kids ages 7 to 11

Kicks off September 4

Keep the Kids active without specifying a sport too early in age

The kids will be working on a variety of mobility, bodyweight strength and jumping foundations. Along with some cardiovascular work in the form of bodyweight metabolic conditioning and perhaps medicine ball movements or sled drags and pulls at light weights.

Lots of problem solving, how to use their amazing body for leverage and of course fun incorporated in there too! Ages 7 to 11. 

T.A.C. Foundations

Top Athlete Conditioning program

Foundations Block 1:  September 10 to 26 (3 weeks)

Foundations Block 2:  November 19 to December 19 (5 weeks)

This class teaches the absolute foundations to our youth athletes.

Things like:

  • Nutrition for Youth Athletes (1 class)
  • Athletic Stance
  • Bracing the core
  • Pulling and Pushing of odd objects
  • Core and Bodyweight workouts
  • and more

No traditional weights here, just the absolute foundations first. It’s vital to know these beginning positions, strength elements, etc before loading the body in a traditional gym sense. Teaching and reminding how to move the body through space and time, solving problems with unique resistances and holding a strong structure against any challenge is vital to progressing to greater feats as an athlete.

ONE class will be a Nutrition for Athletes class offered by Diane Johnson Wellness. 

T.A.C. Speed & Power

Top Athlete Conditioning program

Speed & Power Block 1:  October 8 to November 7 (5 weeks)
Speed & Power Block 2:  Coming for 2020

This class takes the foundations and allows our youth athletes to explore their speed, agility and power through natural expression of movement.

Expressions like:

  • Nutrition for Youth Athletes (1 class)
  • Bounding
  • Hurdle Hopping and Box Jumps
  • Pulling and Pushing of sleds
  • Introduction of Olympic weightlifting basics
  • Weighted jumps and more

All resistances used will be scaled to the athlete’s ability and strength age, not what their peers nor calendar age says they can do. We set foundations in healthy movements, work on tendon, ligament and core strength to prepare the body to be explosive and powerful, no matter the athletic demand.

ONE class will be a Nutrition for Athletes class offered by Diane Johnson Wellness.