The Top Athlete Conditioning program is designed to take an athlete and transform them into a High Performance Athlete.

* This program was formerly called HPAT (High Performance Athlete Training) *

We hear the claims with all of our youth athletes, the desire to make the  NHL, to play NCAA  Football or Lacrosse, to get to the Olympics… As an 12, 14 or even 18 year old these are great dreams AND they can be nurtured and guided into solid ambitions just waiting to be actualized.

Our Coach to Athlete ratio is 1 : 8 giving the athlete(s) valuable contact with the coach, time learning and discussing concepts, goals and methods of practice.

We focus on teaching professionalism & self monitoring, the importance of consistency, commitment and integrity of both movement and character. All the foundations that take a small town kid from the schoolyard to the College/University stage and beyond.

Our system focuses on key foundational skill development, movement quality and base strength training BEFORE applying speed, acceleration/deceleration and power training. We do this to AVOID and hopefully prevent injury
We prefer a room full of mixed discipline athletes (hockey, soccer, lacrosse, football, dance, etc) because at this grass roots level the physical requirements are the same and an increased respect for all sports is developed. Plus it mixes up the challenges for a healthy dose of FUN.

AFTER seeing the athletes in the first couple of sessions we begin to diversify the programs, and create aspects of the training sessions to be specific or complimentary to the athletes long term goals.

We are in this for the long game with a Long Term Athlete Development focus in place. We value building relationships with our athletes, continuing with them as they grow, age and progress in skillset and sport.

There are no “Magic Pills” or “Quick Fads” to develop strong, highly skilled and desirable athletes. We’re in it for the long haul. Are you?

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$800 plus tax paid in full for the full 4 months OR 4 monthly payments* of $200 plus tax each month.
*register in person for the monthly payments

EARLY BIRD PRICING: $700 when signed up and paid in full BEFORE March 31, 2019.
Ages 12 and up.

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Sessions run Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30pm
• Mondays and Wednesdays are at The Hub for Strength and Power Training
• Thursdays are at the NDC Track for speed and plyometric training.

** No classes May 20, June 27, July 1 to 7, August 5 **

Bring a large beach towel, Lots of water, a hat, bug spray and sun screen for the Track sessions.

The HPAT is a program designed to help your highly active athlete recover, strengthen and balance out their body from the sport specific world they constantly live in.

Our Coach to Athlete ratio is 1 : 8 giving the athlete(s) valuable contact with the coach, time learning and discussing concepts, goals and methods of practice. Ages 10 and up.

We focus on teaching a variety of General Strength movements, foundational skills like throwing, catching, jumping, skipping and more in a fun environment.

Warming up with an extensive Dynamic warm-up that stretches the body all while preparing it for the workout ahead. Then we go onto the General Strength stuff, bodyweight for most and then some added resistance for our more mature athletes.

Finishing off with stretches and activities that compliment what we just did in the class.

REGISTER here! $75 plus GST.

Last block of classes is the month of April. 
No classes May to September.