Honestly, it saddens us that we need to say this publicly. Or, truly, that we are compelled to feel there is a need to say this buuuut…

In the light of the knowledge that there are growing cases of the COVID-19 virus in Alberta, a handful of which that are in Calgary, close to home and a place many of our neighbors travel to daily for work, we feel it’s important to remind our gym goers that we take great lengths to keep The Hub clean.

That said, we are continuing our measures to ensure all users wipe down all equipment and that our staff does the same as a double safe measure. This includes the barbells, handles of dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls. Anyone feeling the slightest bit ill is encouraged to stay home and make an informed decision on calling 811 or not.

In the meantime, if any of our current gym users want an at home program they can follow, we can provide it.

If you need someone to lead and watch you online as your accountability buddy, we can arrange that. Heck, we will even go as far as filming the classes in house as best as possible so that you can “join the class” and challenge yourself with what you have available to you.

We do also offer online/satellite coaching to anyone interested by way of our program design option. This means that you cannot use the current pandemic to simply hoard your toilet paper and skip out on workouts. Those Costco bails of toilet paper weigh around 13.2 lbs; we weighed one; so that means you can get in a decent workout using them as your resistance.

You’re welcome 😉

When this mayhem resolves we will continue to clean like the freaks we are, ensuring the space is clean, germ free and comfortable for all to come to for the community, the social support and stay for the workout.

Remember, isolation is not healthy for the brain. It leads to depression and actually weakens our immune system so take advantage of the OCD clean freak that we are and come say “hi”…. as long as you don’t feel any symptoms and have been cleared by 811.

If you feel any concern or worries please call 811 immediately so that you can get tested in your home and then help stop the spread of this virus.

We also thank you at this time for not stealing our toilet paper.
Our greatest fear right now is running out. Not that we are inadequate.

Cleaning Supply image courtesy of Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash