After removing the dividing wall (do you even REMEMBER the dividing wall???) it’s become quite clear that the current layout of the gym is not the best.

This Saturday, February 16th we will be closing the gym to move all the things, get a better flow and hopefully create more space in our over 3000 square feet of space. We’ve chosen this route rather than moving to a larger space in High River in order to ensure we don’t fall into the trap of “too big, too soon” and to first maximize what we’ve got.

After-all, that’s what life and your level of fitness is all about too… Making the absolute best of what you’ve got.

If you’d like to join us, come at 10am for when the “games begin”, we will provide lunch. You just bring your muscles.

For our patrons, we apologize for getting in the way of your Saturday workout, hopefully you’ll see the benefit once it’s all said and done.

WE, can not wait to see the massive change this will make.

(proposed layout, subject to change on the day)