because I care about you


because I believe in you.


because I know your family and job will.


because life will hold you accountable.

Copied from a photo found on “I Coach” on Facebook

Part 1: What is a Coach?

There are coaches EVERYWHERE.

Life coaches, business coach, financial coach, dog coach, throwing coach, nutrition coach… the list goes on.

That’s fine, in essence we all are coaches (teachers) to one degree or another but what is the role of a coach truly?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “coach” as:

a : a private tutor  (hired a coach to help her daughter prepare for the test)

b : one who instructs or trains  (an acting coach a birth coach especially : one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a sport and directs team strategy a football coach a pitching coach a gymnastics coach)

Let’s talk about this from our perspective, a gym with coaches that genuinely care about the health and well-being of our clients

The role of a coach (see: personal trainer, trainer, fitness instructor) is to give you a path to follow towards your goals and towards the possibilities the coach sees within you as well. Oftentimes, we see qualities that our clients do not see in themselves and it’s a gift to be able to pull those qualities out of those people. To celebrate them and to encourage them to elevate themselves in the process. 

In short, we take the thinking out of the workout and positively elevate your ability, mental fortitude and movement skill. Without you even realizing it!

What we will not do.
We will not count for you. Fitness is good for mental health and counting is one of those basic skills that actually strengthens your brain. We watch for things you would never identify while you do the doing.
So you do, you count. We watch so we can build a better program as we act as your guide on this journey.

Your coach will create a program for you to follow AFTER assessing your movement patterns, needs, injuries, etc. There are lots of factors that go into these assessments and they often vary from one client to the next. Sometimes they are the same but the answers will always be unique. Unless you sign up for a Group Fitness class where the programming is a blanket plan with room to modify on the spot, your coach will give you a personalized program that fits your needs.

In short, we create a map for you to follow in and out of the gym with exercises you can do even on a secluded beach vacation.

No, this does not mean that  you will be the only one doing a Single Leg Unicorn Dead-lift, sometimes people need the same movement. BUT it does mean that there will be key elements that are uniquely yours at this point in time. All humans require training the basic movement patterns of Twist, Roll, Hinge, Squat, Push, Pull and there are golden eggs for some of these movements that everyone will do. Often at the same time.

Your coach will hold you accountable to show up, to be on time, to respect each others time and to trust that you can have open communication to express concerns, things you love, and the things you struggle with. Coaches have high expectations of themselves, they deliver when asked to do so and they ask for at least a little bit of that in return from you. 

In short, we are your accountability buddy that keeps you in check.

No, this does not mean we will not penalize you for blatant disregard of our time. If you miss sessions without advanced notice and without your best efforts, you will lose that session. It’s called respect. At The Hub, we ask for a 12 hour notice of cancellation. We know life happens but we also know that we would like a personal life (or a chance to sleep in if we get it).

In the end a coach is more than a person taking your money for every time you see or communicate with them. The above is only a teeny tiny drop in a large bucket of the many things a great coach does, what their role is, and the immense level of respect that can be built in time.

Your coach is your mentor, your guide, the person that has your best interests at heart and would be a fool to act otherwise. 

Coaches are people doing what they love to do, helping people, and by chance are blessed enough to get paid for it. Some coaches still have to hold down part-time, and even full-time, jobs outside of coaching clients but the role that they take on as a leader in an industry that they love is enough to have them burn the candle at both ends, until the respect is lost (follow our series to learn more on this).

Coaches are human beings, that want YOU to succeed. That’s it. 
We care too much. We connect through the idle chit chat and we will happily take the sword for you instead, because we care. So much, that we lose sleep over finding the best way we can help you get better.

Coaches have a roadmap that can help you. They have certifications (they should have, ask them to prove it) that highlight they are serious and educated in what they offer. Coaches are also constantly updating their knowledge as any professional should be via courses, books, clinics and more.

Your coach will become your biggest fan, your strongest supporter and the best person to keep you in check when you need it.

We all need a coach.