It rocked everybody’s.

Canada flipped the table, BC and Ontario proceeded to dance on it anyways and Alberta added more cowbell.

What a showing. The bars were empty and nobody showed up to the gym for the pre-bar pump. Not because they didn’t want to but because they weren’t invited. In fact, they were respectfully kicked out.

Not by the big burly dude that is a stereotype to each place but by a tiny mutant.

A mutant who infamously will live on for a long time. It will last in the history books and be googled as #11 when one searches for “how many Pandemics have there been?“. This one showed up uninvited and has certainly trashed the house.

All jokes and creative writing aside we are deeply saddened that we have had to close our own place of business, along with so many others, until further notice. But we had to.

It’s a challenge, but at least we can take comfort in knowing that we truly are not alone and we tried our very best to do all the right things first.

We will persist!

We are all strong and resilient and once we stop feeling like the sky is falling after a good night’s sleep we will figure it out.

We will rise, we will rise, we will rise; like the Phoenix from the ashes once again we will rise.

You see Mr Mutant, we have been through this before (one way or another). The unexpected and uninvited has been here once before in our lifetime and while the landscape is not as murky and though we cannot see you, we will rise.

Until then, we will adjust. We will take stock and regain focus.

To our community, we thank you.
We thank you so much for all the kind words, the encouragement and the support you are expressing through this.

While it is fresh and we have no clear idea what is in store for anyone, we ask that you keep supporting us, keep connected, stay involved and say hello virtually as much as possible.

Stay Healthy.

Owner & Head Coach
Also chief cry baby at this time 😀