Until there is Nothing Left to be Done.

Making the best of unique situations

Currently, we sit in really unique times.
So much uncertainty for small business owners, employees, families and frankly, the whole world.

The impact here feels astronomical.

As we all know there is always a trickle down affect and it seems since the beginning of 2020 it’s actually the Hoover Dam breaking wide open and gushing out, not a slow trickle.

Grab your boat and build the paddles as you go.

Yup, it’s rocky and full of wild rapids but it certainly is a great chance to work on those resourceful skills and to see what you are truly made of.
Will you sink or continue to stay afloat?

No matter the actual challenge you face, be it now or something twenty years from now. Start practicing the belief that you will do all you can until there is nothing left to be done.

Go through anything that gives you little to no choice but to fight with the readiness to be creative. To challenge the unknown and to try to open doors that once were locked.

Hire you own coach, against the advisory of your federation that broke your trust. Build your own equipment with the knowledge you have gained and the help from the smart people around you. Add practices that feel right, feel good and are beneficial to your mental health through the whole process.

Ask so many questions of all the people that they flag your file and send you to “upper management” during times of disaster. That’s right, be that person.

Enter every meeting, every room and every situation with all the information you could gather and then some. Do all that can be done until there is no more to be done.

Do this so that when and if it truly is over, you can proudly walk away knowing there is no fault, for the end was never due to a lack of try.

Currently, in order just to pay the bills that we are still unable to avoid, we are renting out as much of our gym equipment that we can, quickly building an online training platform with the hopes of bringing in a little more support and filming more videos of workouts than we ever dreamed of doing. All this, in the hope of being able to maintain our business so that we can open once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Obviously, with that statement alone, it’s clear that we were basically operating on a month to month basis. It’s time to get real and honest here. We had enough funds to sustain us for one, maybe two months. That’s it. Since May 2019, our income generation has plummeted. We had a steady decline in memberships and class users, despite changing much of our price points to try to reflect the current state of affairs in our small town.

Gyms are not flush. Not the small ones. Not the ones where the owners still clean the toilets and mop the floors rather than a cleaning company.
The gyms that have owners that remember your names, your kids, what you like to do in the summers and what type of music you prefer to listen to – those gyms are not prepared for this. Those gyms, the small gyms, the family, community focused gyms are not financially set to weather this storm. And on top of that, the owners, after paying all of their trainers for March and March bills first, need to somehow pay themselves. These days, an impossibility. And no, an interest free loan is not helpful.

What’s worse is that we uniquely do not fall well under any government assistance program because we are a “business”, most of us are incorporated to try to protect a little bit of personal from business and we for some strange reason are not considered employers because we are owners. Yet we employ people. We make a lot of work for a lot of people in this world, us small, privately operated businesses.

While I speak of The Hub directly in this, I know that The Hub is not alone in the foothills, or Alberta, Canada and even the world. We represent a handful of many businesses and families drastically affected by this situation.

So, for now, I continue to do all that I can do. But I tell ya, I feel like I am beginning to run out of possibilities.

Coach Lisa