Bad mood busters

Recently, on Facebook, coach Lisa asked everyone “What methods do you use to knock yourself out of a bad mood?

The response was amazing and we figured it would be valuable to share here with all of you for future reference.

Add your own thoughts in the comments!

  • Kitchen dance party and naps. Lots of naps. 😀
  • Buti yoga
  • Exercise bike until I’ve worked through the grumps!
  • Hitchin post milk shakes!!
  • Well lately it’s really hard and everyone is really annoying!!
  • Music, deep breathing, being outside.
  • Working out – or cooking.
  • Naps
  • Music, Get moving, Dance
  • Music
  • Funny memes, Enjoying having my kids home
  • Music, fresh air and YouTube funny animal videos
  • Wine and shopping on Amazon 🤣
  • Exercise!
  • Walking my cat, it’s so ridiculous it always makes me smile!
  • Creating art while listening to music
  • Do a happy dance 😄
  • Usually escaping to the mountains with my faithful friend.
  • Gym session, yoga, walk.
  • Hot shower, heavy lifting, hugs from those I am isolated with, good music I can turn up and sing along.
  • Naps. Going outside.
  • Deep, purposeful breaths reminding myself that whatever it is, is temporary. That or a good work out with some good music.
  • Going outside for a walk. It’s my medicine
  • Meditate. Sit there until you feel better!!!
  • A good workout and FaceTime with girlfriends!
  • Accomplish a goal, small thing off the todo list or even doing laundry. Not dishes though, I do them but it doesn’t boost my mood 🙂
  • A walk for sure it nature, time near water
  • Music, dancing
  • Well I’m currently averaging 4 home workouts a day. Every time I get anxious it’s my stress relief. Not sure it’s the best coping mechanism. Also working on learning to play piano.
  • Exercise. In all of the ways. Outside. Inside. Intense or gentle. It always fixes my head. If all else fails.. a hot bath and Harry Potter ⚡️
  • I run till all my thoughts are out of my head… then a good cry and call my BFF. Sometimes I punch and yell at the air lol🤪😉💕.
  • Pet funny videos…
  • Cuddling with my kitty
  • Getting outside. Dance parties and my oils. My favorite is “Forgive”. A couple of breaths and it resets me. It’s my go to every time.
  • Go shoot some gongs
  • I usually say what the hell is wrong with me and self isolate 🤣🤣🤣
  • Cuddling with my babies it seems lately at least one wakes up early and snuggles into bed with me best way to start the day. Then sewing, walking outside
  • I go out in the field with my dogs, breath in deep and slow, calm my mind chatter…
  • Prayer 🙏
  • Baking
  • I sew, and then I sew some more, Its very rewarding for me.
  • Dance party!!!!
  • Take my dogs to the woods does the trick.
  • Baby calves, it’s baby season!! You can’t be upset when they frolic outside your window.
  • Run… inside or outside. Music on, don’t think…. just breath…. and run!
  • Meditation
  • Hike in the woods, or a morning walk in the neighborhood when the birds are all out singing.
  • My go to is Exercise 😁
  • A great book!
  • Music.
  • CleaningWrap 30’ of rope around one of the pillars in the basement. Practice striking at arms length and move in until you can only use elbows and work backwards. If still in a bad move do the same with kicks. Once done find bottle of Favorite beverage pour and repeat 4 f this stuffs and go about your day. Lol Or find something that makes you laugh.

Pretty cool to see fitness, music and dance as some of the greatest answers! Also a good insight to the “types” of people Lisa interacts with, we truly do flock to those with shared values.

We are really curious, what do YOU do to bust a bad mood and shift the mindset gear?