Thank You ❤️

There is never an easy way, nor a way that “feels right” for a business to announce that they are closing their physical location.
Three months is too long.
Despite all of our efforts and the efforts of our faithful members and coaches, we have considered and reconsidered the hard decision to close the doors to our physical space, and to remove as much overhead as we can, instead continuing to work online or as contractors to groups that are able to provide the space while we provide the know-how.
Our decision has been based around the future. Concerns for the future really.
Our economy is hurting, our people are hurting, and while we have worked hard to try to get through to the other side of this, it’s becoming obvious that the greater concern lies 3, 6, 9 months from now, not tomorrow.
Due to the many challenges we all face, our team is thankfully honest and self-aware enough to know that we will not survive the many new restrictions and guidelines that so many businesses like ours face.
There are many factors that would challenge our operations, tax our energy levels and put a strain on our break-even. Especially as we cannot in good conscience raise our rates just to pay our bills. Nor can we lower our rates to lure more people in.
Then looking at the proposed cleaning requirements, the schedule for such additional practices and the uncertainty to how long it will all last, it’s too much. With all the stress we have faced, all the sleepless nights and all the efforts to offer everything we can online, we have come to the decision to press the “pause” button on our physical space and to wait patiently for when and if the time is right to return to this capacity.
I refuse to become financially and emotionally bankrupt just to fight to hold on as we enter the unknown.
So now, we say a heartfelt “Thank you”. Thank you to the community of High River and surrounding area. Thank you to our members and our gym family. We will so dearly miss seeing you all in one space, working hard and having fun.
Thank you to all the athletes and teams that I have been so blessed to work with. I will miss the Foothills Eagles, Bisons, Flyers and Castle Mountain Freestyle Ski Team constantly improving between the four walls that have been our home for nearly four years. I hope we will meet again soon.
I am sorry that our involvement with Canadian Tire JumpStart will change and that our Christmas Lift Off for the food bank will be affected as well.
This place has been my home for nearly four years. It took three years to plan, prepare and make happen before opening in the fall of 2016.
A whole lot of tears, cuts, blood, blisters and sweat have happened here along the way. Of course a whole lot of cheers, hugs, high fives, Personal Bests, and celebrations too.
Thank you for all the support from those that stood by our sides and cheered us along. I have contacted those that have payments that need to be settled and do encourage you all to keep watching us.
We may not have four walls for us to gather in but we certainly are still around to connect and guide you on your fitness and athletic journey.
For now, I will be a mom to Hadley, a wife to Brett and take this chance to enjoy summer.
Much love to you all and many thanks.
Lisa Szabon-Smith
Owner/Operator/Head Coach
The Hub Performance Training
Online and ready to help.