Trust the process. The plan. The movement.
Trust the lessons learned. The coaching staff. Heck even trust the failure.

Actually, TRUST the failures most!

This may seem odd but if you trust in the things that knock you down, hold you back or keep you from hitting a target at the rate of velocity you think you need to hit it, you absolutely will learn many valuable things along the way.

You see, the people who have success after success, limited struggle, minimal push back and very few barriers or blockades to fight through are the people who also, from our experience, appear to struggle the most that day failure decides to show up. And it will show up.

They don’t know what grit and grace are. There’s an air about the constantly successful that makes others who regularly feel pinned against the wall struggle with and frankly find it hard to engage with these people. For no fault other than they don’ understand the real struggle, yet.

When we begin to TRUST the failure, rather than be angry with it, and chastise ourselves for, heaven forbid, being human we begin to experience something truly marvellous… growth.

We transform.

We find Grace. And it’s in this grace that we are able to understand glory of its smallest kind and the powerful lessons failure is here to teach us.

The ability to smile through events that don’t turn out as we expected. The courage to know when we didn’t stack up. The wisdom to understand where true blame and fault needs to be pointed.

Trusting the failure is what leads us to work harder, to listen longer and to follow the plan with greater comfort, because there is knowledge that comes with failure. There is understanding and humility that settles in with the failures and gives us calm to go through our experiences one by one until failure begins to dissipate and arrive only at optimal moments to learn. When we are in need of a valuable lesson.

We don’t train to failure; it comes on its own. Instead, when it arrives, seek the lesson behind the struggle that comes with every missed lift, every lost step and all the shots we hold back on taking.

When comfort in all those grows is when a quiet calm builds around us no matter the circumstance. That’s when we begin to flow and therefore fly.

Conquer Great Things

(anything worth doing is great)

Coach Szabon-Smith