That’s it. One word.

Ohana. Clan. Famiglia. Parivaar. Kazoku. Rodina. Tribe.

Doesn’t matter what language or trending term you use, in the end, your local, small, not enough equipment at peak times gym becomes simply this, family. The familiar, the safe, the supported, the loved and the connected. 

The Hub was built upon this foundation. The name says it all. It’s the the proverbial family dinner table where the ones we love, even those a little different from the rest, come together to share. To feel connected.

The table is the platform, the plates are multi-colored, heavy and hurt when dropped on toes but the food… OH the food! Abundant. Full of encouragement, love, support and laughter. 

It’s the place that the gym owner works hard to remember your name the first time, greets you by name every time you walk in and passes on this knowing to every other member in the gym. When gym users begin introducing themselves to newcomers and are excited to make plans to “see you next time” you know you’ve hit the jackpot. It means you matter. 

In this crazy world where everything is spinning by so fast, celebrities even have to fight for attention (imagine that!) and so often, we feel that we have been forgotten, shoved aside or we have passed the “expiry date” join the local small town gym and you’ll realize you are just becoming.

Your perspective matters. Your presence matters. Your voice, ideas, thoughts, beliefs and sheer belief in yourself matters. You matter.